Hard Truths for Those Cruising Through Life and Feeling a Silent Need for Something More | Tim Denning


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The world will give you whatever answer you ask for. ⤴️

I didn’t like the answer and refused to accept it cause I’m a stubborn old bastard. ⤴️

Progress comes from those who don’t accept the narrative they’ve been fed.

Knowing you are born to do more and not acting on that feeling is inexcusable ⤴️

Change your mind fast or die young.

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These thoughts turn into beliefs. Beliefs become part of your identity. Your identity forms the story you tell yourself.

That story drives the narrative of your entire life. ⤴️

The biggest obstacle to increasing your self-awareness is the tendency to avoid the discomfort that comes from seeing yourself as you really are.

Travis Bradberry ⤴️

The something more you’ve been looking for will come from strangers you haven’t yet met. Trust more people and delete the ones who show early signs of misusing that trust.

Then you’ll become an opportunity magnet. ⤴️