Hyperfocus and the ADHD Brain: Intense Fixation with ADD


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“These children aren’t being disobedient,” says Nadeau. “Their brains just aren’t registering what you’re saying. That’s why the interruption should never be done angrily, and why you should allow a few minutes for the shift in attention to occur. It’s almost like pulling someone out of a dream.” ⤴️

“Kids with ADHD are demanding a higher standard of teaching ⤴️

“A child with ADHD gets bored quickly when he’s asked to memorize a bunch of history dates. But if he helps write a play on the subject and then performs in it, he’s going to shine.” ⤴️

“But on the set, I’d have nine things going on simultaneously, and I could focus on all of them without any problem.” ⤴️