Brace for Cognitive Impact From Artificial Intelligence | Psychology Today


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Think of AI not as a mere computational tool but as a complex layer of cognitive processes that can interface seamlessly with human thought patterns. However, unlike human cognition, which functions more like a classical computer, AI operates in a state that is increasingly akin to quantum computing. This change is not just quantitative but qualitative — a different way of thinking, solving, and existing. ⤴️

In this quantum leap, our classical cognition faces the dilemma of exponential change within complex systems. ⤴️

AI’s transformative role will likely induce a massive cognitive dissonance within the collective human psyche. The clash will not merely be between man and machine but between different epochs of human understanding. ⤴️

Institutions, ethics, and perhaps even human consciousness may have to adapt rapidly to avoid obsolescence. In this tornado of change, the shards of our old paradigms will be the seeds of the new world — a world that we can barely conceive of today but will be forced to inhabit tomorrow. ⤴️

So, as the cognitive winds whirl and the old structures give way, let us brace ourselves for the advent of the new, however unexpected and disconcerting it may be. In this new world of exponential cognitive velocity, not to advance is to retreat. And in a universe characterized by ceaseless change, to retreat is to perish. ⤴️