ChatGPT : The Red Hand Files


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ChatGPT rejects any notions of creative struggle, that our endeavours animate and nurture our lives giving them depth and meaning. ⤴️

Very vague notion here of “ChatGPT rejecting” something.

Can only assume he means the idea of “using ChatGPT.”

But, this is a very flimsy argument - spoken by someone who very clearly has not used one of these things.

It’s a different kind of creative struggle - but underneath is still that same spiritual tug of war.

It renders our participation in the act of creation as valueless and unnecessary. ⤴️

that’s not how it works

ChatGPT’s intent is to eliminate the process of creation ⤴️

again, referring to ChatGPT, the thing “without a soul” as having intent implying agency

which if were true, would negate the core of the entire thesis

we find the resilience to do and make beautiful things, and this is where the meaning of life resides. ⤴️

agree, this doesn’t change “because AI”

art evolves

but still the joy of creation exerts itself ⤴️

AI is humanity’s creation and I would argue is part of nature as well - just like everything in the universe

it is an expression just like every other piece of art. it is an expression at a different level - an unfamiliar level to all of us.

but it is still expression. it is still nature. and it is still meaningful.

whether you create art with or without AI