Active procrastination is a particular mode of procrastination that is characterized by intentionality. This is a mode that is consciously invoked by a certain group of individuals who have a preference for working under circumstances that are saturated with pressure. These people possess an understanding that their motivation levels are significantly higher, and their quality of work becomes noticeably better when there is a palpable sense of urgency attached to the tasks they are undertaking.

This type of behavior is what sets it apart from other forms of procrastination, specifically passive procrastination. The primary distinguishing feature lies in the intentionality of the action. While passive procrastination is often a result of a lack of motivation or focus, this mode is purposefully chosen because the individual thrives under pressure.

Furthermore, the outcomes of this form of procrastination are also significantly different. Unlike passive procrastination, which often results in rushed, subpar work or missed deadlines, this mode of procrastination typically leads to high-quality work produced in a short amount of time. The sense of urgency and pressure acts as a catalyst, promoting efficiency and productivity. This is a testament to the intentional nature of this mode of procrastination and the positive results it can yield under the right circumstances.