Chad Lee

Hi! I’m Chad. I’m a web developer primarily working in .NET Core and the wild world of Javascript. I like to build things to make developers’ lives easier. I write about it sometimes. I am currently working on a platform for running background jobs.

Things I've Built


The easiest way to deploy and scale your background jobs for .NET Core. Offload work from the web to create a snappy UX and a fault tolerant application.

C# geocoding and address validation API that integrates with five popular Geocoding providers. Perform address validation, real time mapping of user-entered addresses, distance calculations, and more.

Things I've Written

Introducing Runly

2 min read

Unveiling what I've been working on for the past few months.

Embracing the IndieWeb

2 min read

How I dumped Disqus comments in favor of WebMentions and created a source plugin along the way.

What you get with Git

1 min read

I recently broke down and decided to try and use Git for something. Practically every open source project I use has now moved to GitHub…

The Many Pitfalls of NHibernate.Linq

1 min read

Working with the recently released NHibernate.Linq is not without its (many) pitfalls. In one of my current projects, we are using the…

NHibernate.Linq 1.0 is out and about!

1 min read

In case you haven't heard, NHibernate.Linq v1.0 has been released. This has been a long time in the making and Tuna has put the final…

We make shitty software (and so do you!)

1 min read

I just ran across this little gem and it made me laugh: An old software slogan at Living Videotext: "We Make Shitty Software… With Bugs…

BDD with

3 min read

Language shapes how you think. If you want to change how you think, it can help to first change your language.

Tortoise SVN Settings for Beyond Compare 3

1 min read

This is for future reference for me – for some reason this is a huge pain in the ass for me to find whenever I need it. Here is the official…

Developing with Passion

2 min read

I was going through my feed reader today catching up on some of the blogs I read and I came across this post from Casey Charlton. I was…

Agile Software Development

1 min read

I just ran across this video presentation with software development advice from Jason Fried - from 37Signals. It's not really anything I…

Hello Universe

1 min read

Because "hello world" is thinking too small.