1. Idea
  2. Research what people are looking for related to that idea
  3. How do you best present that idea to make it interesting?
  4. Reengage viewers periodically through video with some kind of effect or piece of humor. This is similar to what john oliver does with humor.

You have to provide something of value to your viewer. The viewer has to believe they will get something out of your video before they click.

As an example, that thing could be entertainment and/or learning something new.

To keep the viewer’s attention, you have to tell a story.

To have the viewer remember you, you need to evoke an emotion.

A memory is a wave and your mind is like a beach. How long can your wave cover that beach?

  1. Research the intersection of what people are searching for and the kind of video you want to make
    1. e.g. I like reading books. Videos on books do well. what can I say about a book?
  2. Idea 3. e.g. a lot of the books I’ve read have similar themes. In fact, I could probably distill it to a few points
  3. How to present the idea
    1. The 3 things I learned reading 300 self-help books
  4. Thumbnail / Title
    1. get the people to click
  5. Story
    1. keep retention with a story