When we find ourselves falling into old patterns, we can use these instances as opportunities for learning and growth.

It’s important to accept that we will likely fall back into the old pattern at times while working to break it.

By facing and confronting the uncomfortable emotions that arise in these moments, we can gain valuable insights into the pattern’s underlying causes and develop a more nuanced understanding of how it operates in our lives.

Electrical Wiring

Sometimes, revisiting an old pattern — like examining outdated electrical wiring — is necessary to fully understand how it works and why it persisted for so long.

This understanding is crucial for applying the acquired insights to the development and reinforcement of new, healthier patterns. A deep understanding of the old pattern enables a more effective “rewiring” of thoughts and behaviors.

We may stumble upon these “eureka moments” - new ways of turning on the light. But we won’t understand how it works right away to be able to activate it on purpose.

We have to make the new electrical pathway reliable rather than something we stumble into occasionally.