🖥️ Useful Hotkeys in Obsidian

Here are some useful hotkeys while navigating in Obsidian:

Alt + ←navigate back
Alt + →navigate forward
Ctrl + Gopen graph view for a particular note
Ctrl + Shift + Gopen global graph view
Ctrl + \split window pane
Ctrl + Wclose current note
Ctrl + Homenavigate to homepage

Managing Notes

These are useful hotkeys for creating and editing notes in Obsidian:

Ctrl + Nnew seedling note
Ctrl + Shift + Nnew seedling note in new pane
Ctrl + Unew fleeting note
Ctrl + Jnew journal entry
Ctrl + Tinsert template
Ctrl + Etoggle note edit/view mode
Ctrl + .emoji picker 😎
Ctrl + Klink highlighted text to local file
Ctrl + Shift + Klink highlighted text to external URL