People don’t think of “being tired” as emotional state but it most definitely is.

Emotions are psychological AND physiological. Feeling anxious causes high heart rates, sweaty palms: classic symptoms that are most definitely physiological while at the same time most definitely originating from and affecting your thoughts: a phsychological phenomenon.

We are not minds disconnected from our bodies.

We are a whole being: a whole person.

In this context, it makes sense that the physiological state of “being tired” can be invoked from an emotion.

”Emotionally exhausted.”

In order to combat the feeling, you need to pay attention. Figure out why your brain is trying to protect you from expending energy. And realize, it evolved at a time and for reasons that are very different from the reality we live in today.

Break up tasks. Write them down. Achievable goals are motivating. They can get you past your tiredness.

If you are constantly tired, pay the fuck attention. Learn why.