It's Tough Times Out There

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“Times are tough” — I’ve heard that phrase ten thousand times in the past few months. I am so sick of hearing about the economy and how bad everything is. I feel like much of it is a self-fulfilling prophecy -  a vicious feedback cycle that is perpetuated by how much everyone talks about it all-the-freaking-time.

Anyway, I was pulling into the parking lot at work this morning, and somebody on the radio said something to the effect of “I know times are tough, but…” and I shut the radio off right there. STFUMF - is what I thought to myself.  Maybe a little harsh, but hey, its my thoughts and I can get as angry as I want in my head. I am just desperately tired of hearing about the economy - especially that one phrase - “times are tough”. Are times really that tough? My wife and I have not lived our lives any differently since the start of this recession. We still go out to eat, go see movies, and generally do what we want to do. I feel like I have been largely unaffected by this recession. These were my thoughts as I got out my car and headed into work.

At 10:30, I’m walking back to my desk from the bathroom and I happen to pass my boss’s office. The HR rep for the company is in there with him. “Chad, come see a sec.” I walk in, they close the door behind me. Oh shit, what did I do?

We’ve been forced to make budget cuts and I need to cut two salaries from IT. I tried to fight it, but they told me who to cut.

Long story short, I ended up getting laid off along with 16 other people today (2 from IT). My boss looked like he was getting teary-eyed as he told me the news. He made sure to stress it had nothing to do with performance and it was simply because I made too much money. I also learned that they are getting rid of the building I work in and consolidating everyone to one building (we had 2 buildings before). Damn, I guess times really are tough.

They gave me a severance package and my wife and I have enough saved up to get us by for a while. I also think I will not have too much trouble finding another job (knock on wood). So, I am not sweating it too much. That being said, anyone out there have any leads for a .Net developer focusing on Domain-Driven Design and Test-Driven Development? 😀

👋 Hi! I’m Chad. I’m a Tech Lead turned founder, but I mostly see myself as a web developer specializing in the .NET Core, React, and Node.js ecosystems. I like to build tools to make developers’ lives easier. I am currently working on a modern job platform for .NET Core and Node.js.


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  1. Rick Vidallon
    Rick Vidallon

    I feel ya. Been there 1000 times and always sucks. Very last time was in 2000. I started my own small web dev company and have never looked back. Much longer hours but phone still works, lights are still on and managing to put some away.

    On the career front there seems to be lots more .NET jobs in Virginia, Hampton Roads area in all sectors. Send me a private email and will be glad to share what I know.

    BTW... you Lightbox/ You Tube script saved me a sleepless night. So I owe you one.
    ~ Rick