ADHD can cause self-worth issues

ADHD can lead to feelings of laziness and inadequacy due to ADHDers being unable to find motivation to work on things they know are important.

Constantly procrastinating and not knowing why leads people to fill in the blanks. If not examined, these ideas can come to define someone’s self-worth in a negative way leading to more motivation issues causing a vicious cycle.

If the emotions caused by these (incorrect) thoughts are left unexamined, ADHD can simultaneously cause and prevent someone from truly understanding themselves.

Like many things with ADHD…this has the appearance of something to do with willpower, something others think you could simply change if you “cared more.” Another recurring gut punch I can’t control. Knowing there’s a reason behind decades of struggle is amazing and terrible news. The path forward is brighter (or at least more self-forgiving). But the worn path of the past remains full of regret and damage that can’t be easily undone.